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Normen Schack, Sek. HP

Normen Schack is a certified occupational therapist, naturopath, and coach at his institute in Hannover. Since 2020, he has been a co-founder and scientific director of the "Institute for NeuroMeditation Germany."

Since 2009, Normen has been successfully working with neurofeedback and biofeedback and has become an internationally sought-after peak performance trainer. He holds certifications as a QEEG expert, neurofeedback practitioner, peak performance, and NeuroMeditations instructor. In his peak performance branch "PeakBrain," he has trained world-ranked tennis players, DTM race car drivers, aerobatic vice world champions, CEOs and managers, musicians, and many other successful individuals.

His motto: "Train your Brain, change your Life."

In 2016, Normen Schack, together with Thomas Feiner and Dr. Danijela Debelic, founded the QEEG Research Unit to investigate changes in brain waves occurring during certain meditation states. This work has led to a direct long-term collaboration with Dr. Joe Dispenza during his workshops and retreats. With this background, Normen has developed new programs for his biometric coaching to measure and train the connection between mind and body.

In Hannover, Normen Schack leads one of the largest neurofeedback institutes in Germany and the Institute for NeuroMeditation in Germany.


  • Since 2006, in his own practice "Occupational Therapy and Neurofeedback in Hannover."
  • Graduated as a "systemic counselor" in 2007.
  • Since 2008, focus on neurofeedback and biofeedback: IFEN neurofeedback therapist, BCIA therapist in training, lecturer at IFEN.
  • Systems: Brainmaster Atlantis, Brainmaster Discovery, Brainavatar, Neuroguide + SLORETA/ NFB2 + NeuroNavigator, NeuroConn/Theraprax, Nexus-10.
  • Opening of Peak Performance Coaching "Peak Brain" and "Genius Release" coaching concept involving biometric data.
  • Training methods: Z-Score Training, Amplitude Training, Peak Performance, ISF and ISF Loreta Training, SLORETA Training, SCP, Neuroguide NFB-2, EEG NeuroMeditation, Heart Rate Variability Training, and other biofeedback methods.
  • Certified teaching therapist for neurofeedback, QEEG, and peak performance at IFEN.
  • Since 2016, part of the research team of Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  • Completion as NeuroMeditations Instructor Level 3.
  • Founder and Scientific Director of the Institute for Neuromeditation Germany.
  • Research and analysis for various techniques in the field of the mind-body axis.

CodeCourse TitleLanguageStart DateFinish dateLocationPrice*
M2-P-IFEN-DEMODUL 2 - Praktikum für Zertifizierung zum/zur IFEN Neurofeedback-Therapeut/inFlexibleNot Specifiednach WAHL750.00 EUR
M3-SMODUL 3 - SupervisionFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE750.00 EUR
M3-StdMODUL 3 - Supervision - EinzelstundeFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE150.00 EUR
M3-SMODULE 3 - SupervisionFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE750.00 EUR
AVA-310824-DEAvatar Anwender Kurs - vom Anwender für Anwender (Atlantis und Discovery)  Newin deutscher SpracheAug 31, 2024, 09:00Sep 1, 2024, 16:00Hannover650.00 EUR
M1-041124-DEMODUL 1 - Zertifizierter Neurofeedback-Therapeut/inin deutscher SpracheNov 4, 2024, 10:00Nov 8, 2024, 18:00Hannover1750.00 EUR
EEGNM-031224-DEKURS EEG NeuroMeditation   Newin deutscher SpracheDec 3, 2024, 10:00Dec 7, 2024, 14:00Kursräume des Instituts für NeuroMeditation Deutschland, Neue Land Straße 7, Hannover 1489.00 EUR
*VAT incl.

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