Photobiology is a field of research that has long been dedicated to photochemical reactions in biological systems, that is, with the effect of light on living organisms.

Photobiomodulation is one of the most exciting topics in photobiology. In his webinars, Thomas Feiner, founder and director of the IFEN Institute, deals with its contexts and mechanisms.

Photobiomodulation (ancient Greek photos = light, Greek bios = life, lat. Modulatio = measure, abbreviated PBM) is a phenomenon in which so-called "soft lasers" are used, i.e. radiation that is confined to a certain range (400- 700 nm or 700-1000 nm, which is close to the infrared spectrum), so as to elicit targeted biochemical reactions in the cells.

The important link between the "gentle radiation" and the organism is formed by the mitochondria, which, depending on the frequency and energy density of the radiation, are stimulated in the course of a Photobiomodulation application to increased performance.