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Instructors at the Institute for EEG-Neurofeedback (IFEN)

The following instructors at the Institute for Neurofeedback IFEN are available for professional training:

International Events in 2018 where Thomas Feiner is Speaker

The IFEN informed on site:

The Institute of EEG neurofeedback presents regularly at national and international events on the subject of neurofeedback, biofeedback, Peak Performance ... so e.g. on the Biofeedback Federation of Europe in June 2016 Madrid or on the 50th Munich EEG days in February 2016 in Munich.

About the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback IFEN

The Institute for EEG Neurofeedback, IFEN, was founded in 2008 and is today one of the leading educational centers for neurofeedback in Germany and Europe. It was one of the first institutions that incorporated the concept of Z-Score Training into its curriculum, which today has become one of the most successful and widely known approaches of neurofeedback.


Certificate training of the Institute for Neurofeedback

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