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Thomas Feiner, BCIA BCN, QEEG-D

Thomas Feiner has been the founder and owner of the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback (IFEN) since 2008 and has more than 25 years of experience in the treatment of AD(H)D, stress, depression, addiction and burnout. In his work as a neurofeedback therapist, he combines techniques such as tDCS, Photobiomodulation and NLP.

He has also successfully supervised numerous athletes, managers and artists in his institute, developed training programs for children with learning disabilities, and organized many large, international workshops with prominent neuroscience figures, including Prof. Chiarenza or Dr. med. Thomas F. Collura.

The IFEN concept developed by him has made numerous therapists and trainers in Germany and Europe successful neurofeedback users.

Thomas Feiner is also extremely active in brain research: His research fields are peak performance, meditation and accelerated learning. At his Institute for EEG neurofeedback, he also supports neuroscientific studies and the development of advanced neurofeedback protocols with his professional team of neurologists, neuropsychologists and IT professionals specialized in neuroscience. He is also author and co-author of several scientific publications and speaks at international conferences and congresses. He has become known for his passionate style, inspiring audiences for neurofeedback, EEG brain imaging and medical advances.

Thomas Feiner is also developer and initiator of the test software CAPITO. CAPITO stands for Cognitive And Psychophysiological Test Operations and is specifically tailored to the needs of trainers and therapists, which helps to analyze cognitive and emotional conditioning. But it is also a tool that can be used to test brain information processing using event-related potentials (ECPs). In 2015, he supported the work of Dr. med. Bonnstetter and Dr. Thomas F. Collura on gamma asymmetries. Dr. Estate Sokhadze (Clemson University), Prof. Chiarenza and dr. Carlos Zalaquett (Pennstate University) have been using CAPITO in their research projects since 2017. Thomas Feiner holds several patents for the products developed by him.

Since 2016, he has been working with his brain mapping team on a large-scale study on the human brain during various meditation practices. He travels to different countries, with the goal of creating an EEG database for meditators.


  • Director of the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback
  • StressTherapy Solutions Global Neurofeedback Initiative Instructor
  • Keynote speaker and lecturer at international congresses (ISNR, IOP)
  • Expert in EEG-based digital imaging (QEEG, sLoreta)
  • Researchers in Event-Related Potentials (ECPs) and Event-Related Imaging (ERI)
  • 2014 Neurofeedback Teaching Permit from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA)
  • Thomas Feiner is also occupational therapist since 1991 and is committed to quality assurance in neurofeedback therapy.
  • Training with Dr. med. Thomas Collura, dr. Joel Lubar, dr. Robert Thatcher, John Demos, dr. Paul G. Swingle
  • Member of ISNR, BCIA, SAN, DGBfb

Book QEEG and Neurofeedback Mentoring with Thomas Feiner

CodeCourse TitleLanguageStart DateFinish dateLocationPrice*
M3-StdMODUL 3 - Supervision - EinzelstundeFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE150.00 EUR
M4-PMODUL 4 - Prüfungin deutscher SpracheFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE250.00 EUR
M3-SMODULE 3 - SupervisionFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE750.00 EUR
M4MODULE 4 - ExaminationFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE250.00 EUR
MENQEEG- und Neurofeedback-Mentoring - Thomas Feiner, BCIA BCN EEGDeutsch EnglishFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE150.00 EUR / Stunde / hour
MEN_ARZTQEEG-MentoringFlexibleNot SpecifiedONLINE150.00 EUR
WEB-100624-DEWEBINAR - IFEN-Software Launcherin deutscher SpracheJun 10, 2024, 19:00Jun 10, 2024, 20:00ONLINEfree
M1-170624-DE MODUL 1 - Zertifizierter Neurofeedback-Therapeut/in   Newin deutscher SpracheJun 17, 2024, 09:00Jun 23, 2024, 18:00zwei Tage Online und drei Tage in Berlin1750.00 EUR
WEB-010724-DEWEBINAR - Ganzheitliches Neurofeedbackin deutscher SpracheJul 1, 2024, 19:00Jul 1, 2024, 20:00ONLINE40.00 EUR
M1-020724-DEMODUL 1 - Zertifizierter Neurofeedback-Therapeut/in  Newin deutscher SpracheJul 2, 2024, 09:00Jul 6, 2024, 16:00ONLINE1750.00 EUR
WEB-290724-DEWEBINAR -EEG für Neurofeedbacktherapeutenin deutscher SpracheJul 29, 2024, 19:00Jul 29, 2024, 20:00ONLINE40.00 EUR
QEEG-200924-DEQEEG für Neurofeedback-Therapeuten mit Swingle Clinical Q  Newin deutscher SpracheSep 20, 2024, 10:00Sep 21, 2024, 18:00Baldham650.00 EUR
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