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Z-Score Training

There was great change in the development of neurofeedback, when statistics could be drawn up on healthy and normal brain activity.
With the introduction of z score based training, one can realise assessment and training in one single process for the first time ever.


It takes one glance to recognise the corresponding specific values: Status of healthy values, current fulfilment and trend of the performance

The advantages of this are:

  • Exclusion of under- or overstimulation
  • Easy-to-learn software
  • Coherence training
  • High effectiveness


Both experienced and less experienced users can benefit from this very safe and effective method.


  • Data bases and their significance for neurotherapy
  • Software architecture (adjusting the severity of the requirement)
  • Patented method "PZ-OK"
  • Combined amplitude and z score protocol
  • Brain driving
  • Assessments by means of the z score DLL

The contents of the z score based training course are an important part of our training concept.

große Studie zum Z-Werte-Training

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