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Module 3Module 3 - Supervision (7 units- 5 hours)7 CEs

5 hours (7 units) of supervision are required for our certificate. We accompany you intensively for an ideal start. You will receive 7 training points.

» Module 3 -  Booking

The supervision takes place here via a data line on the Internet. In this so far unique concept this means: You conduct a session and the content of your screen is transmitted directly to the supervisor without a delay in time. This facilitates the discussing and accompaniment of the session as if the tutor were sitting right there in the room. It is thus fully up to you to schedule appointments in the most appropriate way to your needs.

You will need the “TeamViewer” software to do this. 

Module 3 - Supervision Fallbesprechungen (7 UE)Download TeamViewer

  • Discussing own clients
  • Advice in particular issues
  • Sessions are analysed using “Teamviewer” software in real time

Ausbildungsplan Zertifizierter Neurofeedback-TherapeutTraining plan Certified Neurofeedback Therapist

Training plan - units required

Module 140 CEsMODULE 1 - Intensive Course
5 days / 40 units  more about Module 1 »

Module 27 CEsMODULE 2 - Practical Experience
5 hours / 7 units  more about Module 2 »

Module 37 CEsMODULE 3 - Supervision
5 hours / 7 units
over the phone and via online sessions » Module 3 -  Booking

Module 42 CEsMODULE 4 - Examination
2 units
Online examination during Practical Experience more about Module 4 »


Certified IFEN

Your certificate will be sent to you after passing the exam, completing practical training and supervision.

» Module 1-4 - Dates and Booking