Modul 4Module 4 - Examination (2 units)2 CEs

The examination to become a certified neurofeedback therapist IFEN is graduated via an online multiple-choice test during your internship (Module 2) in presence of your internship supervisor in your desired internship from our list of therapists.

For your targeted exam preparation, we offer the "IFEN 100 - the ultimate check for the exam".

IFEN 100

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If it does not work out at the 1st attempt

If you do not pass the exam in the first run, it is possible to repeat the exam online at a location of your choice. You receive access to a link to the exam site. The examination takes place via a data line on the Internet.

The meaning for you: During the online session, Your screen content will be transmitted to the supervisor directly and without delay. The tutor can guide you in this way, as he would be directly present in the room. Consequently, you have maximum space to set the dates according to your needs. Your exam will be accompanied by a competent audit manager of the team IFEN via TeamViewer. In emerging issues he is at your  side immediately.

This check includes many fields of knowledge on which you should be familiar as a budding neurofeedback therapist. The IFEN 100 check includes many questions that could be asked in the exam. The exercise consists 100 multiple-choice questions.      

You will receive immediately after performing the tests your test result with points and the correction of all the answered questions. If you not wish to perform exam for neurofeedback therapists, you can still participate and provide your expertise to the test.

Training plan Certified Neurofeedback TherapistTraining plan Certified Neurofeedback Therapist

Training plan - units required

Module 140 CEsMODULE 1 - Intensive Course
5 days / 40 units  more about Module 1 »

Module 27 CEsMODULE 2 - Practical Experience
5 hours / 7 units  more about Module 2 »

Module 37 CEsMODULE 3 - Supervision
5 hours / 7 units
over the phone and via online sessions more about Module 3 »

Module 42 CEsMODULE4 - Examination
2 units
Online examination during Practical Experience » Module 4 - Booking


Certified IFEN

Your certificate will be sent to you after passing the exam, completing practical training and supervision.

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