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Module 1Module 1 - Intensive Course (40 units)40 CEs

Module 1 is the 5-day Intensive Course with 40 units to become qualified as a Certified Neurofeedback Therapist IFEN. You will receive 40 training points for this course in line with § 125 Code of Social Law V. There are numerous means of funding are available for you.

» Module 1 - Dates and Booking


Day 1

  • Development and history of bio- and neurofeedback
  • Understanding the biofeedback mechanism and how it works
  • Biofeedback, learning theory of conditioning
  • Application in the field of peripheral biofeedback
  • Biofeedback on skin resistance and heart rate variability
  • Stress and managing stress – what is disordered regulation?
  • Basics on the development of the EEG and the brain wave
  • The EEG as indicator for disorders
  • Practice: Self-awareness of biofeedback (skin resistance, heart rate variability)

Day 2

  • Repetition and summary of day before
  • Slow waves: Delta, theta, alpha and their characteristics
  • Fast waves: Low beta, beta, high beta and gamma
  • Assessments, tests, evaluation and grounds for treatment
  • Introduction to quantitative EEG by means of standard score method
  • Recording of brain waves made easy – international 10/20 system
  • What is a neurofeedback protocol?
  • Basic principles of the treatment of ADHD with classic and individualized protocols
  • Practising and self-awareness of SMR (low beta) training

Day 3

  • Repetition of the days before
  • Neurofeedback protocols with examples
  • Practical trainings: Practising NF training by means of database and z score protocols
  • Simple one- to four-channel assessment of the EEG
  • Exercises with z score protocols

Day 4

  • Repetition of the days before
  • Practising neurofeedback training with databases
  • Evaluation of the result of treatment
  • Features of symptoms and signs of performance in the EEG.
  • Functional neuroanatomy
  • Practical training: Specifics of the software, real time z score training and z score protocols in combination with classic methods and biofeedback alternatives

Day 5

  • Standardised database training: Individual possibilities of approach and constraints
  • Ethical principles and dealing responsibly with neurofeedback
  • Further practical exercises including relaxation protocols and peak performance trainings
  • Hemoencephalography neurofeedback
  • Brief advance examination
  • Prospects and the extension of the possibilities e.g. with the application of Loreta neurofeedback (low resolution electromagnetic tomography)

In order to practise, each participant will receive a software set. It is free of charge.

There is sufficient equipment available for practising.

If you happen to buy equipment from us, we will take care of the installation and setup of the hardware and software during the seminar.

Ausbildungsplan Zertifizierter Neurofeedback-TherapeutTraining plan Certified Neurofeedback Therapist

Training plan - units required

Module 140 CEsMODULE 1 - Intensive Course
5 days / 40 units » Module 1 - Dates and Booking

Module 27 CEsMODULE 2 - Practical Experience
5 hours / 7 units  more about Module 2 »

Module 37 CEsMODULE 3 - Supervision
5 hours / 7 units
over the phone and via online sessions more about Module 3 »

Module 42 CEsMODULE 4 - Examination
2 units
Online examination during Practical Experience more about Module 4 »


Certified IFEN

Your certificate will be sent to you after passing the exam, completing practical training and supervision.