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Further offers by the Institute for Neurofeedback

Traineeships / Mentoring / Supervision / Hospitation

For a successful start

Upon your request, we will also accompany you intensively to get a good start. We can thus be virtually present during your first therapy session.

bei der NeurofeedbackanwendungAll you need is a pretty fast Internet connection. Free software connects your computer with ours in the institute and transfers almost in real time the data of the ongoing session. In this way, we can look over your shoulder from the beginning and follow the process at all times and help you to do the right thing.

Traineeships and supervision for experienced neurofeedback therapists

We also offer you as experienced neurofeedback therapists the possibility of traineeships and supervision. We also offer special case supervision. 

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In-house Neurofeedback Seminars

Are you an establishment that would like to introduce neurofeedback?

Sometimes dates do not fit in with our own appointments. In such cases, we will readily come to you. Besides training your employees, we will take care of an ideal start. Hard- and software installation are part of the parcel.

Contact us. There is sure to be a date or two that we can realise for you.


Are you planning an open day or an event for doctors and patients?

Thomas Feiner can also hold a lecture on neurofeedback in your establishment.

Neurofeedback is undergoing rapid development at present. Increasingly more people are recognising the advantages of this method of therapy. Yet, there are still many who have not yet discovered the enormous potential of neurofeedback and who thus find corresponding information very helpful.

Most of our seminar attendees escalated the number of clients and have been able to become successfully established as neurofeedback therapists within a short period.

Further information on this:

It would be our pleasure to advise you without engagement at 0049 (0)89 82 03 07 39
or use our contact form to get in touch.

Home Training - Home Use

Sometimes it can make sense to continue treatment outside the practice. To this end, there ae various other methods besides neurofeedback which have proved their worth.

We recommend the following:

  • Training CDs (incl. Attention, Sweep, Omni by Dr. Swingle)
  • Equipment for heart rate variability training (HRV)
  • Biofeedback equipment for skin resistance (GSR, Galvanic Skin Response Training)
  • Haemoencephalography biofeedback