EEG Basics for Neurofeedback Therapists CEs

What is a QEEG?

QEEG shows the quantitative distribution of brain waves with the aid of so-called brain maps.
These maps show places of stronger and weaker activity of the cortex. By means of comparison with a normative database, dysregulated areas can be easily identified to later be trained precisely accurately.

vorher- nachher

Illustration: Left before -  right after

What is the advantage of a QEEG?

  • You get higher hit rates making more effective training possible;
  • Brain maps provide a significant basis for protocols, have a more convincing and professional effect;
  • More certainty with the clinical assessment of symptoms;
  • The comparison of before-after maps is an impressive visualisation of the success of therapy;
  • More widely accepted by clients and other representatives of mecial professions.

Other possibilities

A unique technology makes it possible for the first time ever to train with 19 channels at the same time.

The famous brain researcher, Manfred Spitzer, has already reproted about the astounding success of three-dimensional neurofeedback in magnetic resonance imaging.

This possibility is now opening up to the field of EEG neurofeedback, yet at only a fraction of the costs!

QEEG is still not a standard in diagnosing developmental disorders and autism.

50 % of autism diagnoses are in reality hidden seizures.

Course of events/schedule of the QEEG seminar

Projektion der Aktivität des FrontallappensProjektion der Aktivität des limbischen Systems

Illustration: Left-hand side = projection of the activity of the frontal lobe; right-hand side = projection of the activity of the limbic system

3-D sLoreta brain scan (AVATAR software by Brainmaster) via 19-channel EEG measurement (low resolution electromagnetic tomography analysis)

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