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Seminars / Workshops

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Certified IFEN

1-2-3-Neurofeedback Therapist IFENCertified Neurofeedback Therapist IFEN

The training course to become a Certified Neurofeedback Therapist (IFEN) you need to accomplish 4 modules:
Module 1 is a 5-day intensive course, Module 2 comprises 5 hours of practical training, Module 3 5 hours of supervision / mentoring and Module 4 online examination.

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Module 1Module 1 - Intensive Course (40 units)40 CEs

Module 1 is the 5-day Intensive Course with 40 units to become qualified as a Certified Neurofeedback Therapist IFEN. You will receive 40 training points for this course in line with § 125 Code of Social Law V. There are numerous means of funding are available for you.

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Modul 2Module 2 - Practicum (7 units - 5 hours) 7 CEs

After you have succesfully passed Module 1 at our institute, you already avail of a certain amount of experience. In  Module 2 - Practical training, which you can complete here with us or at a traineeship site of your choice from our list of therapists, you will expand your practical skills. You will receive 7 training points for this in line with § 125 Social Code of Law V.

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Module 3Module 3 - Supervision (7 units- 5 hours)7 CEs

5 hours (7 units) of supervision are required for our certificate. We accompany you intensively for an ideal start. You will receive 7 training points.

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Modul 4Module 4 - Examination (2 units)2 CEs

The examination to become a certified neurofeedback therapist IFEN is graduated via an online multiple-choice test during your internship (Module 2) in presence of your internship supervisor in your desired internship from our list of therapists.

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Our QEEG Workshops - exploring the biomarkers 24 ssCEs


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EEG Basics for Neurofeedback Therapists CEs

What is a QEEG?

QEEG shows the quantitative distribution of brain waves with the aid of so-called brain maps.
These maps show places of stronger and weaker activity of the cortex. By means of comparison with a normative database, dysregulated areas can be easily identified to later be trained precisely accurately.

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BCIA Certification via the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback

for Biofeedback Certification International Alliance

Thomas Feiner is accredited for teaching to meet this high standard of international certification.

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ISF Neurofeedback Course, taught by Mark L. Smith NY. CEs

ISF is the abbreviation of Infra Slow Fluctuation training showing a scientific term for the training with very low frequencies. Clinicians worldwide use this aproach with great success now.

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Z-Score Training

There was great change in the development of neurofeedback, when statistics could be drawn up on healthy and normal brain activity.
With the introduction of z score based training, one can realise assessment and training in one single process for the first time ever.

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HEG course

HEG hemoencephalography - neurofeedback with infrared sensors

Neurofeedback is a method that can teach the brain to function better. Usually, it influences symptoms and disabilities in a positive manner, meaning it optimizes the regulation ability.

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Further offers by the Institute for Neurofeedback

Traineeships / Mentoring / Supervision / Hospitation

For a successful start

Upon your request, we will also accompany you intensively to get a good start. We can thus be virtually present during your first therapy session.

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Seminar Location Helsinki - GE Healthcare Finland Oy


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00510 Helsinki

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