What is neurofeeedback (EEG-Biofeedback or EEG-Feedback?)

Neurofeedback is one type of biofeedback. With neuro­feed­back, brainwaves (EEG waves) are analysed.
By means of visual-acoustic feedback, it is possible to change abnormal brainwave acitivity and thus gain an improvement to mental and physical symptoms/functions.

Effectiveness of neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is effective with a range of symptoms. These include: Attention deficit hyperactivity syndromes (ADHS, ADS), anxiety, epi­lepsy, au­tism, bi­polar disorders, de­pression, insomnia. Essential for the effectiveness is that the strength of brainwaves differ and can be changed by means of operant conditioning. Certain brainwaves correlate with corresponding symptoms. Changing these brainwaves via neurofeedback thus means a change to the sypmtoms.

How is neurofeedback applied?

Neurofeed­back presents itself as an effective and meanwhile also far-reaching scientifically based method of treatment.

With neurofeedback, electrodes are attached to the head to then record the electrical activity of the brain via EEG (electro­encephalo­gram). These EEG waves (rhythms) provide information in a specific way about certain conditions and cognitive processes in the central nervous system. At the same time it is certain that these wave patterns alter depending on the person's mental and physical condition.

As the EEG image cannot represent feedback as such, the likes of a plane, which moves in line with the changes to brain activity, is displayed on a screen. It is now up to the person being trained to get the plane to fall or rise. The method thus comprises amplifying targeted behaviour which corresponds to a more favourable compositio of brainwaves. By means of special programming of the feedback software, anybody can learn to do this - irrespective of their age.

When applied correctly, the method is usually without any negative side effects and is applied with great success with regard to AD(H)S for example. (For more see: Birbaumer, Strehl, Kropotov, Fuchs, Monastra, Leins etc.)