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Neurofeedback research

Neurofeedback in science, case studies and interesting links on neurofeedback

Scientific articles

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Cannon, R., & Lubar, J. (2007). EEG spectral power and coherence: Differentiating effects of Spatial–Specific Neuro–Operant Learning (SSNOL) utilizing LORETA Neurofeedback training in the anterior cingulate and bilateral dorsolateral prefrontal cortices. Journal of Neurotherapy, 11(3): 25-44.

Cannon, R., Lubar, J., Sokhadze, E. and Baldwin, D. (2008).  LORETA Neurofeedback for Addiction and the Possible Neurophysiology of Psychological Processes Influenced:
A Case Study and Region of Interest Analysis of LORETA Neurofeedback in Right Anterior Cingulate Cortex.  Journalof Neurotherapy, 12 (4), 227 - 241.

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Case studies on EEG-Neurofeedback

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