Neurofeedback Philosophy

Neurofeedback (also biofeedback) is a method of treatment that is actually relatively  new "on the market", but has found a considerable number of fans around the world. The word is being spread fast as to how effective this method is even with the most difficult symptoms.

And that is a good thing because there are still too many people who do not know the t so, opportunities neurofeedback offers. There is still a lot of awareness work to be done. We would also like to contribute towards this.

As neuro­feedback involves directly working with the brain, we attach great importance to founded expert knowledge in theory and practice during training.  Nobody can learn how to handle the subject competently and responsibly over merely one weekend. 

We require our attendees to take the time for one of the most exciting developments in medical history. A particularly important matter to us is that you

  • Work successfully from the beginning,
  • Receive the technical equipment you really can handle,
  • Have equipment that is manufactured with the greatest precision and innovatinn,
  • Do not need to spend a huge amount of money on decent equipment,
  • Receive grateful clients
  • Achieve more personal work satisfaction.

You can ask questions and receive assistance in out network of therapists at any time.