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Read what users of neurofeedback who completed their training at the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback have to say.

I can really recommend the further training course by Thomas and his team.  Not only did I feel very comfortable and like at home during thr training course, something I find very important when studying hard from morning to evening for a whole week, but I also found the content very well presented and interesting. Studying in a training course has rarely been such good fun as it was here.
And even now, weeks later, when you would think the job is done, money pocketed, Thomas and his team are always available however stupid some questions may sound and assist wherever they can. 

The first time I was confronted with neurofeedback, I initially thought it was yet another new, great therapy method nobody would be speaking about in a couple of years. Yet I signed up to a basics course and experienced a seminal light bulb moment. 
In the meantime I have been working with various bio- and neurofeedback methods for about 5 years and can almost solely report good to excellent success of treatment. My patients (and their parents) are very satisfied with the results of therapy. It goes without saying that even in this field, there is no 100% rule yet I must give it a lot of thought to remember a patient where I was not able to gain an improvement in the symptoms.
The best established training in my practice is the z score training method (NeuroGuide/Brainmaster) because with this training method (in my opinion) the findings (finding the symptom-related and measured abnormalities) and training are combined the most effectively.
I also like the fact that neurofeedback can easily be combined with conventional attention training and/or behaviour therapy approaches.
i also find commendable the possibility for neurofeedback therapists to be able to exchange insights from theory and practice for free in the "neurofeedback exchange" mailing list. I myself frequently answer there the odd expert question to the best of my knowledge. In the meantime, this list contains a notedly competent "team" so that even beginners  don't have to "hit choppy waters".

Best regards

Timo Skladny
(State-approved ergotherapist/certified Neurofeedback Therapist)

I have been working with NFB for more than three years now, - sometimes more, sometimes less, almost daily for the last two years. I have dealt with the various manufacturers and providers.
I then decided in favour of the Brainmaster 4x4. I have never once regretted this decision. I have had a look at other erquipment and methods again and again and that was always very interesting and informative but I wouldn't exchange. Four weeks ago I decided to order the Discovery and the Avatar as well. I believe in the effect and possibilities of NFB, also because I have achieved great successes in my practice for dyslexia, dyscalculia and AD(H)D. The treatment of adults as accompaniment and supplement to a psychotherapeutic intervention, be it in the area of burn-out, depression, stress management, insomnia or migrane is great. The possibilities of integrating QEEG and to thus work more precisely seems to justify the investment, in my opinion because due to the Brainmaster equipment, I receive a fair counter-value - a really unique opportunity to help people, to alleviate their suffering as often as it is possible. I have visited some further training courses and seminars.

I stand by Thomas Feiner's philospohy and the way he works. I find his commitment and his work meaningful and dedicated like I have never experienced it before.

Roland Jörs,, Hamburg

I liked the combination of theory and practice, case discussion.
Good comprehensibility of the topics learned and taught. Good atmosphere within the course. I really liked the alternating between practical training and theory.

Heike Ebner, Practice for Ergotherapy, QEEG Seminar, 9-11 March 2012

I liked the good overview of the possibilities.

Martina Bahrdt, QEEG Seminar, 9-11 March 2012

The atmosphere of the seminar was notedly positive. Mr Feiner is a very competent and humorous lecturer and a pleasant provision of culinaries for all participants was catered for. I learned a lot and am in anticipation of exchanging constructive experience with the trainers!

Dr. Kristina Ritter, psychotherapist, Vienna, 12 February 2012

Very pleasant atmosphere (nice climate), every question was answered, so that everybody understood everything. Very demonstrative transparencies, good practical exercises
Eva Maria Hoffmann, ergotherapist, 12 February 2012

I liked the course instructors calm, patient and humorous manner, the alternating between theory and practice, the use of media (scripts, presentation) etc.

Daniel Ritter, psychotherapist, Vienna, 12 February 2012

I liked:

  • the inspiring manner
  • the great script
  • the easy-going intercourse
  • the opportunity to try many things
  • eating together
  • being able to concentrate for longer than ever before
  • the efforts with our computers
  • the creatingpf 10/20 heads
  • the dining tables set with love and care

    Judith Rempfer, ergotherapist, Nufringen, 12 February 2012

I liked Thomas' expertise, the reference to practice, the delicious food

Laura Bauer, child and youth psychotherapist, Cologne, 12 February 2012

I liked Thomas Feiner's great competence, the understandable explanations and the responding to questions, the good atmoshpere within the course, the mixture between theory and practice, the good applicability within my work as an ergotherapist

Heike Ebner, ergotherapist in own practice, Stockach, 12 February 2012

That was now my third seminar at IFEN and was once again a great success. Thomas really is someone who likes passing on his knowledge and even explains the most complex correlations in an understandable way. I was able to put the content into practice 1:1 straight away. I found the "Loreta" analysis particularly interesting. I can now finally use this tool properly.

Angela von Saint Andre König (Traunstein Day Clinic), 13 November 2011

I have now been using neurofeedback for more than 4 years. I was very sceptical at the beginning: "It cannot work!", is what I thought, but didn't want my scepticism to win over my curiosity. Upon trying it out myself in the course, I had an utterly formative WOW experience: It had a kind of de-misting effect on me. This means I could feel how my fatigue suddenly transformed into alertness and a pleasant kind of clear awareness. I have never expereinced anything like that before! In the meantime, neurofeedback has become well-established in my practice and I have continuous enquiries about possibilities of therapy. I am fully satisfied with the IFEN. Praiseworthy is also the support in the "neurofeedback exchange" mailing list. You are not left on your own, you receive competent advice and at no extra costs. I also appreciate the international network. I am still happy about having started off with neurofeedback back then.

M. Walter, Berlin

I personally found the training at the Institute for Neurofeedback very interesting. The ratio of theory to practice is very balanced and you do learn very much in this week.
Thomas Feiner's great competence is impressive and he makes even complex correlations clear in an understandable way. I have now been working with neurofeedback for about six months and have to say I have experienced great successes with this method of therapy. In particular, z score training seems to have proven its worth. Children in particular love the flash animations. I can really recommend this further training course and even the equipment lives up to its promise. 

Ludwig R. Minden

I have been working with Brainmaster for more than a year and must admit that I am completely dumbfounded by the results. I would never have expected gaining such success with it and I am really glad my boss suggested I work with it. Particularly for migranes (the patients continued to have attacks after treatment but by no means as intense as before!) and attention disorders (some youths are finally without medication after treatment), as well as lacking pulse control or now with a 15-year old boy with a menatl disability who suddenly, according to his mother, is much more communicative and able to let his environment take part in his life.
I am really pleased about these successes and as I haven't done anything other than nfb with Brainmaster with these patients, I also see a direct correlation ...

U.H., Heiden

Understandable, competent, simple and yet prfound, not too scientific. Very good atmosphere in the course (mixture of attendees and number).

Veronika Kreitmayr, Redbull Training, QEEG Seminar, 9-11 March 2012

I liked the small group and the friendly, concentrated atmosphere.

Bernadette Grubinger, Redbull Training, QEEG Seminar, 9-11 March 2012

Sit-in reports

Gerrit Winkler, ergotherapist in own practice, reports about his sit-ins in Thomas Feiner's practice:

After taking over an ergotherapy practice last year, I soon realised that I wanted to offer neurofeedback training in addition to the existing methods of therapy. But how and where could I learn something about this new method of treatment as fast as possible? Back then, a friend of mine, Rebekka, recommende Mr Feiner. I spoke to Mr Feiner on the phone and explained my situation to him. After a short pause for thought, he offered for me to come to Regenstauf for a sit-in week and 7 days later, I was off.

In Regenstauf I was immediately received in a very friendly way and given all of the "essential": Everything had been organised from a booked hotel room down to coffee.

The casual and compassionate atmosphere in the practice made me like I was already one of the team after only one day. The fact that I was able to look over Mr Finer's shoulder all day and later practise handling the equipment myself helped me to soon become familiar with the new method of therapy.
Unlike at training courses, I was able to practise attaching the electrodes a lot and received immediate feedback about the subtleties still to be observed and acknowledgements when everything was connected properly.

Working "closely" with Mr Feiner soon gave me the feeling as to how training had to be set up and the effects the therapy has on patients.

When questions arose, Mr Feiner or his team helped immediately and passed on tips and their knowledge. Answers were given calmly and the background was explained in detail. Thanks to these many expert conversations I was able to gain varied insights into the therapy. Even after work, sitting together in a beer garden, we went over the day again and philosophised about the possibilities of neuro­feedback.

All in all, I can only say that it was a nice time in Regenstauf where I learned a lot without having the feeling that i was "only" at a training course. – Rebekka was totally right.

Gerrit Winkler

Practice for Ergotherapy
Clemensstr. 25
49716 Meppen
Tel. 05931/886680

Dear Tom, dear Timo, dear practice team,

I would like to thank you very much for your extensive and good training course. You and above all Timo have taught me unbelievably much in this short time. The practice team received me most heartily and I really felt comfortable even though the amount to be learned was huge. Within that short time you gave me a very extensive insight into the world of neurofeedback and thanks to the days of practical training, I was also able to gain appropriate certainty in handling the pogramme, the protocols and the patients. I wouldn't like to miss a day of it.

All in all I can only say that I now feel assured and competent enough to achieve something positive by means of neurofeedback. Many thanks.

Best regards, Matina