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What is neurofeeedback (EEG-Biofeedback or EEG-Feedback?)

Neurofeedback is one type of biofeedback. With neuro­feed­back, brainwaves (EEG waves) are analysed.
By means of visual-acoustic feedback, it is possible to change abnormal brainwave acitivity and thus gain an improvement to mental and physical symptoms/functions.

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Neurofeedback can be applied to a majority of disorders that are associated with dysregulation in the central nervous system.

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Treatment concept

Not all types of neurofeedback are the same. There are various methods and procedures. None of them are bad but we feel that 40 - 80 sessions are too many. Our acual aim is the reduction and thus minimizing the strain on the client.

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What is Z-Score Training?

The Z-Score training software was originally developed in close co-operation between Brainmaster and Applied Neurosciences. It enables training EEG data in real time by using a FDA approved database, which contains EEG test results of more than 600 healthy adults and children.

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The history of neurofeedback

Like many of the inventions made by man, neuro­feedback is also owed to chance. However, it was first of all necessary to discover the wave activities of the human brain.

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Neurofeedback research

Neurofeedback in science, case studies and interesting links on neurofeedback

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