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WEBINAR - Why Neurofeedback


Beginn: 04.12.2017, 21:00
Ende: 04.12.2017, 22:30
Uhrzeit: English


  • Connections of health and illness.
  • The brain as a control center.
  • Interplay of nervous system, learning, concentration, decisions and behaviors.

Introduction to Neurofeedback

The success story of Neurofeedback has many sides. It is increasingly establishing itself as an independent therapy method. Nevertheless - the breakthrough in "conventional medicine" is still long in coming.

Renowned experts and scientists, most recently the most well-known trauma therapist, Bessel van der Kolk, are completely convinced by this method of therapy. Unfortunately, many, despite all the convincing reports and arguments, are still skeptical and just cannot believe that neurofeedback would work in their own practice. Maybe because of the often amazing therapeutic results.

Neurofeedback fills a supply gap, especially in the field of psychotherapeutic treatment. With dramatically rising numbers of mental illnesses as a result of stress and an extremely unhealthy lifestyle of millions of people, medicine still works with outdated ideas and methods that are barely linked to the state of development. We know the consequences: Lengthy, often ineffective therapies, which are a great burden for both the individual and the general public. A rethinking must take place, it would have to be in the interest of every practitioner to be able to help his patients in the best possible way.

Are you one of those who are ready to rethink? Form together with us a bastion against the stubbornness, for a real health reform, which not only saves costs, but represents a real alternative to the existing lack of supply!

With our webinar and our educational offerings, we would like to draw your attention to the possibilities that Neurofeedback offers.

You will learn more about the relationships between health and illness. About the brain as a control center and how important it is to start where the functions of the entire body originate.

Learn about how to develop and establish the interaction of the autonomic nervous system, learning, concentration, decisions and behaviors

Find out more about our training for the Certified Neurofeedback Therapist

Get answers to your questions about neurofeedback

In the webinar you will get the opportunity to meet and greet Mr. Thomas Feiner, the pioneer of Neurofeedback in Germany and the head of the Institute for Neurofeedback in Munich - someone who has been dealing with the subject for years and is one of the most well-known neurofeedback therapists in Germany.

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Thomas Feiner, Director of the Institute for EEG-Neurofeedback (IFEN)
Board Certified Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA, EEG)
Instructor Global Neurofeedback Initiative (GNI)

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