MODULE 2 - Practical training in Athen

07.01.2018, 10:00
07.01.2018, 18:00
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Module 2MODULE 2 - Practical training

After you have passed Module 1 at our institute, you already avail of a certain amount of experience. In  Module 2 - Practical training, which you can complete here with us or at a traineeship site of your choice from our list of therapists, you will expand your practical skills. You will receive 7 training points for this in line with § 125 Scial Code of Law V.

7 Training points

From theoretical to practical training

You will be gently helped through your new subject. You always have the possibility of expanding your knowledge and a whole network of expereinced therapists is available should you have any questions.

But not only that: We will organise a location for your traineeship close to where you live if possible as our network of well-trained therapists is constantly growing. Our traineeships are ideally equipped so that you can become acquainted with a large range of methods and approaches.

It's up to you how many hours of practical training you wish to do; our experienced partners will accommodate you with all the hospitality possible and are happy to show you the best way to advance. Treat yourself to this mostly very motivating experience. A traineeship is the best place to show you how our concept and your knowledge gained can be successfully put into practice.

The universal opinion of our participants about the traineeships is very positive and we are proud of being one of the first institutions in Germany to be able to offer this kind of professional support.

It's up to you how many hours of practical training you take. 5 hours are a requirement for our certificate. During training, you will be instructed by an experienced user. 

Signing up for a traineeship

  1. Choose a traineeship with one of our therapists from our list of therapists. All addresses with a Praktikumsstelle are accredited as IFEN traineeship providers.
  2. Book a date with the traineeship provider and then sign up and commit yourself to this period via our registration form.
  3. After receiving the invoice and us receiving payment in our account, you can start your traineeship.

Special regulation:

Upon presentation of proof of hours of supervision already completed or practical training of the same value, a traineeship may be omitted and you will receive the certificate based on this existing experience.

Module 2 - Practical Training (7 units)

  • Working on and taking care of the client at one of our partner practices
  • The main focus is practical work, handling equipment and software as well as nterpreting therapy results
  • Enhancing own knowledge, applying practical knowledge

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 Brief overview of all modules

 Training unit
Units required
Possible concessionsDates /
registration /

Module 1MODULE 1 - Intensive Course
5 days / 40 units

1100.00 EUR / Person

Reduced conditions for in-house training (upon prior arrangement)

» all Dates here

Module 2MODULE 2 - Practical Training
5 h / 7 units

The practical work will be assessed and a feedback form will be used to indicate the criteria necessary for the successful completion of training.

90.00 EUR per unit (60 min)
(5 h 60 minutes each)

= 450.00 EUR / MODULE 2


Please choose the location of traineeship from our list of therapists

» Traineeship locations Praktikumsstelle

Module 3MODULE 3 - Supervision
5 h / 7 units

Via telephone and online sessions

90.00 EUR per unit (60 min)

(5 dates 60 minutes each)

90.00 EUR per 60 min.
= 450.00 EUR / MODULE 3

  Please arrange a date by phone (+49 (0) 89 82030739) and confirm it via our
» Registration form

Module 4Modul 4 Examination

2 units

150.00 EUR / Person   Online examination

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