ISF for Beginners (ISF 1 - BEGINNER)

16.10.2020, 08:00
18.10.2020, 16:00
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ISF 1 - Beginner - Infra-slow Fluctuation Training Workshop

with Mark Llewellynn Smith LCSW, NY USA

ISF is a powerful intervention that should be part of the tool kit of all clinicians in the helping professions. Why? To quote Mark Smith:

Waves small… infra-slow frequencies play a central role in human behavior that includes sleep, attention and hormone regulation, just to name a few

…the heart and the brain are coordinated at infraslow frequencies

…the gut and the brain are also regulated with the same slow frequency band

…infraslow neurofeedback is superior to other forms of neurofeedback, because it conditions the frequencies the brain uses to manage behavior and processes between brain and body

This workshop will demonstrate the process of infra-slow fluctuation training in clinical practice. The method pivots on the determination of an optimum frequency (OF) that is trained for each individual client.

In the didactic portion of the workshop, the OF determination process will be demonstrated along with a discussion of the equipment and optimal signal processing requirements necessary to accomplish effective training. The value of QEEG in predicting treatment responders, treatment planning, and determining treatment outcomes will be established.

The practicum portion of the course will span two days for all practitioners to have several opportunities for hands on training in the optimization process, in evaluating outcomes, and in adjusting treatment accordingly. The emphasis on the workshop practicum will provide students with the necessary tools to integrate ISF training in clinical practice.

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