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Introduction to Neurofeedback - Mallorca Workshop


750,00 EUR
Beginn: 02.10.2018, 09:00
Ende: 04.10.2018, 18:00

Contents were:

  • Basic Principles of Bio and Neurofeedback
  • Brainwaves and their characteristics
  • Measuring and training EEG
  • Basics Neuroanatomy
  • Z-Score-Training and brain locations

Introduction to Neurofeedback - Mallorca Workshop

24 CEs


Please note: This workshop is part of our Mallorca-Workshop-Bundle. You can book single courses as well as the complete package.

Click here if you want to book all three workshops (Neurofeedback-Introduction, ISF-Introduction, QEEG).


Part 1 of our IFEN Workshop-Bundle is an introductory course to Neurofeedback. It is an ideal entry point for everyone interested in Neurofeedback and neurosciences. However, Neurofeedback experts will still benefit from this comprehensive workshop. We are going to introduce two of the most effective Neurofeedback approaches: Z-Score-Training (Dr. T. Collura) and ISF-Training (Mark L. Smith).


  • Basic Principles of Bio- and Neurofeedback
  • Brainwaves and their characteristics
  • Measuring and training EEG
  • Neuroanatomy basics
  • Z-Score-Training and brain locations

By participating in the Neurofeedback-Introduction-Workshop as well as in the ISF-Workshop you can obtain our certification for Module 1 as "Neurofeedback Therapist IFEN".

For more information on our educational program and our 4-Module-System click here.



Day 1

  • Development and history of Bio- and Neurofeedback
  • Understanding the Biofeedback mechanism and how it works
  • Biofeedback, learning theory of conditioning
  • Application in the field of peripheral Biofeedback
  • Biofeedback on skin resistance and heart rate variability
  • Stress and managing stress – what is disordered regulation?
  • Basics on the development of the EEG and the brain wave
  • The EEG as indicator for disorders
  • Practice: Self-awareness of biofeedback (skin resistance, heart rate variability)

Day 2

  • Recap
  • Slow waves: Delta, theta, alpha and their characteristics
  • Fast waves: Low beta, beta, high beta and gamma
  • Assessments, tests, evaluation and reasons for treatment
  • Introduction to quantitative EEG by means of standard score method
  • Recording of brain waves made easy – international 10/20 system
  • What is a Neurofeedback protocol?
  • Basic principles of the treatment of ADHD with classic and individualized protocols
  • Practicing of SMR (low beta) training

Day 3

  • Recap
  • Neurofeedback protocols with examples
  • Practical trainings: Application of Neurofeedback with the help of database and Z-Score protocols
  • Simple one- to four-channel assessment of the EEG
  • Exercises with Z-Score protocols


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Venue for the Neurofeedback training in MallorcaAmicHotel Horizonte in Palma de Mallorca.

Amic Hotel Horizonte

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