BCIA Didactic Course – Neurofeedback Bootcamp for Beginners (with optional practicum and exam)



BCIA Didactic Course – Neurofeedback Bootcamp for Beginners (with optional practicum and exam)

with Thomas F. Feiner and Rubén Pérez Elvira

BCIA BoardCertifiedInNeurofeedback Gold1Whether you’re looking to become familiar with neurofeedback or expand your existing knowledge, this course serves as a guide to navigating basic steps that will improve and enhance your practice. This program not only explores the use of neurofeedback software and equipment, but also brings to light current research and treatment techniques that have ensured positive changes in clients and benefited clinicians worldwide. It is also the only course that introduces database guidance and live Z-score training! Practitioners seeking BCIA certification can also earn up to 36 credit hours if they attend the full course!

This workshop also offers an extra day of hands-on training that provides familiarity and experience not found in a web-based course! This practicum will be held at the end of the workshop and can be purchased for an additional fee. Equipment is not required for attendance, as guests may pair up for practice. ($195 for workshop attendees, $250 for non-attendees). You will also have the opportunity to take the BCIA exam OR our IFEN Module 4 Exam from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. See below for more information.

BCIA Blueprint Areas

  • Orientation to Neurofeedback – 4 hours
  • Basic Neurophysiology and Neuroanatomy – 4 hours
  • Instrumentation and Electronics – 4 hours
  • Research – 2 hours
  • Psychopharmacological Considerations – 2 hours
  • Treatment Protocols – 6 hours
  • Treatment Implementation – 6 hours
  • Professional Conduct – 2 hours
  • Current Trends in Neurofeedback – 2 hours
  • Patient Client Assessment – 4 hours

Educational Objectives

  • Provide the required didactic instruction for BCIA certification
  • Provide hands on practicum for attendees to learn to operate hardware, software, and run a training session
  • Discuss clinical assessment, protocol development, and client care


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