QEEG - Hands-on Training

03.02.2019, 09:00
03.02.2019, 18:00
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Quantitative EEG (QEEG) for Neurofeedback Therapists

QEEG Hands-on Training


  • Z-Score-Training
  • Quantitative EEG
  • sLoreta-Neurofeedback (19-channel)

What is a QEEG?

The basis of the QEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) is EEG data of the client's raw EEG, which helps to gain important insights into disorders, symptoms and afflictions. The quantitative EEG is the centre of the entire course of therapy and is invaluable to any clinician when it comes to developing more accurate and therefore more efficient protocols.
Not all QEEGs are recorded with 19-channel devices. Today, there are also very good and cheaper alternatives that allow users of a 2- or 4-channel device to create meaningful QEEGs. Therefore it does not matter which equipment you attend this course with.

Advantages of QEEG

  • Determination of abnormalities in the affected brain areas
  • More accurate diagnosis and diagnosis
  • Specific postage collection, higher efficiency and shorter treatment times
  • Improved representation, since QEEGs represent a professional and modern way of diagnosis
  • High acceptance among clients or in a team with other interventions (doctors, psychotherapists, neurologists, reviewers)

What can I learn in the QEEG course for immediate implementation in my practice?

  • Recognition of typical patterns of neuropathological and psychophysiological dysregulation
  • Linking the measured data with the individual affliction of the client
  • Reliable creation of protocols
  • Recording of clean data
  • Using different EEG-Caps
    • Electro-Cap
    • Free-Cap
    • Comby-Cap etc.
  • Artefact correction, dfferent methods
  • Detecting Peak Frequency
  • Mangaging difficult recording situations
  • EEG Patterns and Biomarkers
  • Using Neuroguide and QEEG-Pro for Analysis

Learning Objectives

  • Recording technique of the QEEG
  • Obtaining the data, editing the raw EEG using NeuroGuide and BrainAvatar software
  • Multi-channel neurofeedback with symptom check list technique
  • 3-D-Loreta training and ROI training with and without Z values
  • Compare Z values to symptoms in psychiatric and neurological disorders such as diseases

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