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QEEG for Neurofeedback Therapists


400,00 EUR
Beginn: 04.05.2023, 10:00
Ende: 06.05.2023, 18:00

Quantitative EEG (QEEG) for neurofeedback therapists with Swingle Clinical Q 16 FoBi


The EEG has long provided doctors with important information about serious disorders such as epilepsy or head injuries. But even the best diagnostician reaches his or her limits at some point: even with the naked eye, he or she will not be able to recognize more complex disorders such as depression or AD(H)S in a raw EEG.

This is where the so-called Quantitative EEG (QEEG) can provide important relief. This is because with the most modern data processing through EEG database matching, disorders are made visible by means of a brain map in the brain. This gives a diagnostician significantly expanded possibilities in his or her work - ultimately, the biological basis of autism, stress, illnesses or learning disorders in the brain is made visible.

Because similar to measuring blood pressure, there are also reliable norm data for the brain with which unfavorable brain activity can be determined very reliably. These biomarkers can ultimately be assigned to a specific symptom or disease.

The Institute for EEG Neurofeedback has been offering regular QEEG courses for 10 years and has been able to convince many doctors and neurofeedback therapists of this methodology. Among the best-known QEEG users in our network are Dr. med. Garner, Normen Schack and Frank Hegger, Roland Jörs, Markus Schürholz, Dr. med. Handwerker and Dr. Stöckl-Drax.

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