ISF Neurofeedback for advanced users (ISF 2 - ADVANCED) and ecumenical QEEG

23.10.2020, 09:00
25.10.2020, 18:00
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Infra-Slow Fluctuation – Workshop for advanced ISF users

Waves smallThe ISF Advanced Workshop enables the extraordinary potential of the ISF method to be fully exploited. Mark L. Smith teaches a unique combination of sLORETA neurofeedback and ISF training in this course. ISF-Loreta expands the possibilities of training towards neural networks and Brodmann areas.

The efficacy of this method has even been proven in a randomized placebo controlled double blind study. The acclaimed journal "Nature" recently published this study.

Contents of the workshop


Single channel bipolar Infraslow (ISF) Neurofeedback has been practiced and taught since 2006. An advanced version of this intervention has recently been developed for 19 channels that allows for Infraslow sLORETA Neurofeedback. This development has ushered in a powerful form of training that targets behavioral networks heretofore unavailable to the ISF neurofeedback clinician.

Recent Research has identified the infraslow frequencies influence on the excitability cycle of faster frequencies. This pivotal role for the infraslow periodicities allows the clinician to reliably influence the behavior associated with neuronal networks by activating or quieting targeted regions of interest including the Default Mode Network, the Limbic System, and the Salience Network.

Moreover, ISF has been associated with the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis and Autonomic Nervous System response, neuroendocrine function, and the sleep wake cycle. The centrality of this slow energy in human behavior gives ISF sLORETA training its exceptional potential.

What can I expect from this Workshop?

This workshop will demonstrate the unique equipment, signal processing, and skill set required to perform ISF sLORETA training. This workshop will take place over two days (Part 1 & Part 2). This will allow for the didactic portion of the workshop that will include reports of recent ISF sLORETA research projects by internationally recognized researchers examining ISF sLORETA and addiction and ISF training’s impact on ANS function. The workshop length is set for clinicians to have plenty of time for hands on experience with the software and equipment.

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